Visiting Uppsala or friends from abroad?

Let me take you to the heart of Uppsala, a city with ancient history and earlier Swedens political centre. It still is a religious centre with the Cathedral and Archbishop.

Here kings and queens were crowned and Uppsala still is the headquarter of the Swedish Church. But already in the Viking Age there were life and motion in the River Fyris valley. Major archaeological deposits have been found and more are yet to discover.

Uppsala has one of the world’s oldest and most famous universities, the largest cathedral in the Nordic and the famous Silver Bible in the university library Carolina Rediviva.
Many historically famous people have also lived and worked in Uppsala, Anders Celsius, Dag Hammarskjöld, Carl Linnaeus and Ingmar Bergman.

For children you find e.g. a tropical public baths, Fyrishov.  There are many playgrounds in the centre of Uppsala, e.g. the one in the Town garden and The Pelle Svanslös playground in the Carolina garden. It is named after ” The Cat with no Tail”, a cat well known all over Sweden.

Choose among  three guided tours, each one hour long, available in English.

The fee for each tour is 1000 Skr incl VAT. Except  Vasaborgen and Pilgrims hike.

  1. City Tour in the centre of Uppsala
  2. Ingmar Bergman tour
  3. Dag Hammarskjöld tour

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